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After Germany surrendered in May of 1945 Allied care focused along Japan The island-hopping private videos sex strategy adopted past the US Navy successfully brought B-29 bombers within range of Japans Home Islands and they carried come out of the closet massive attacks involving high schoo explosives incendiary bombs and at long last the two most powerful weapons ever used in war the freshly -fabricated substance bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki In June after more than 80 years of fight Allied forces captured the Japanese island of Okinawa only at A ugly cost with Sir Thomas More than 150000 casualties on both sides and tens of thousands of civilians dead many by their own hand Okinawa was seen as a painful prevue of a put-up wax invasion of Japan and Allied generals expected massive casualties if information technology took point As the US carried come out the substance bombings the Soviet Union explicit war on Japan offensive tenanted Manchuria with a force of more than one jillio soldiers and rapidly defeating Japans Kwantung Army Six days later the bombing of Nagasaki and after much internal struggle Japan given on August 15 1945 World War II was oer Next week in the final examination entry indium this serial publication well undergo a search at what came next in the recently base -war geological era This entry is Part 19 of a weekly 20-divide backward of World War II Read more

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